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Clubs and Organizations

Student Clubs & Organizations

UD has over 45 student organizations formed by students to meet a variety of personal, social, political, recreational, and religious interests. 


  • American Society for Microbiology

    • ASM is an organization of students that share similar interests in exploring the field of microbiology. ASM hosts various events to help aid its members pursue careers in the field of biological sciences. If interested, please contact Suzie Hwang ( 
  • Association of Computing Machinery

    • ACM hosts activities related to computer science, such as Programming Team, Hackathons, tutorials, tech speakers, and more. ACM is also open to hosting other computer science related activities, such as web or game development, depending upon interest. Contact Therese Relucio ( to join. 
  • Beta Beta Beta 

    • Tri-Beta (Beta Beta Beta) is a nationally recognized honor society for students, particularly undergrads, dedicated to enhancing their understanding and appreciation for the study of Biology/Biochemistry by expanding the boundaries of human knowledge through scientific research. Throughout the year, we typically have fun social events, guest speakers, discussion panels, and community service events. Contact Bela Lima at to get involved! 
  • Math Club

    • Math Club is a group of people who find math interesting and want to share the joys of it with others. There are weekly meetings to talk about your favorite formulas, solutions, sequences, and so much more. Even if you don't like math, we can make it fun! Contact to join! 
  • Pre-Health Society

  • Psychology Club

    • If you're interested in psychology, or studying psychology, this is the club for you! Join to meet other psych students and meet our amazing faculty members at social events and gatherings, guest speakers talks, mini-lectures, and mentorship for younger students. Contact Tiffany Han ( if interested! 
  • SMACS (Student Members of the American Chemical Society)

    • If you're a science major interested in chemistry, and you like free pizza, SMACS is the perfect club for you! We host fun events for eating pizza, talking to friends, and celebrating chemistry, as well as educational events to learn more about careers in science, how to get research opportunities, and more. If you're interested, please email Bianca ( to be added to the email list.
  • Society of Physics Students

  • UD Journal of Science

  • Women in Stem

    • This club is a society for women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and/or Math who enjoy conversations, cookies, and coffee! Periodically we invite female speakers from various STEM fields to teach us more about their careers, but we focus on support through community and conversation. To join, contact Maria Pecha at


  • Alexander Hamilton Society

    • We bring distinguished foreign policy scholars and practitioners to campus for discussion or debate on the most pressing issues of the day and host a bi-weekly book club where we discuss an important work related to foreign policy. Send us an email at to get involved. 
  • Art Village Association

    • UDAVA combines the love, appreciation, and study of studio art and history in gallery events, demonstrations, discussions, sales, and hands-on activities for students of all art levels and interests. You do not have to a student in the Art Dept. to be a member, just bring your joy to our art events! To join, contact
  • Classics Club

  • Law Society

    • Students can discover more about the process of becoming an attorney through monthly events, networking, and LSAT practice. For more information, please contact Sophia Carrasco at
  • Philosophy Club

  • Sigma Tau Delta

    • Sigma Tau Delta is an international English Honors Society dedicated to fostering literacy and all aspects of the English language within colleges and universities. Here at the University of Dallas, the Alpha Sigma Pi chapter is especially committed to cultivating a strong love for English literature on campus through poetry readings and literary events. Contact Michelle Martinsen ( to get involved. 
  • Thomistic Institute

    • Thomistic Institute chapters are formed and run by students to bring top-notch Christian intellectuals to their universities with the end goal of making the Catholic intellectual tradition vibrantly present on contemporary campuses. Join us for monthly discussion nights led by your favorite UD faculty and lectures by official TI speakers! Contact to get involved! 
  • Tocqueville Society

    • The Tocqueville Society is University of Dallas' chapter of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI). The goal of this club is to foster a community of like-minded students who love to talk about topics ranging from history, politics, philosophy, theology, and more. We also host events such as Symposiums and faculty and student debates. Please contact if you are interested in joining. 
  • University Theater

    • Under the direction of the Drama department, the University Theater is an extracurricular organization that presents a series of major productions annually. While each production's acting company and technical crew is composed of students from every university program, those pursuing the course of study in drama have found that this opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge into exciting and challenging practice is essential to their growth in this field. The goal of the University Theater is to provide the University community with a repertoire of productions representing the most stimulating artists, forms, and visions from the world of drama. Contact if interesting in joining. 
  • Writer's Guild

    • Have a novel, short story, or poetry you want to share? Maybe not yet, but you'd like to try? Join UD's Writers Guild to unlock your muse with other amateur writers! Contact Club President Abigail Malone ( for more info. Write on! 

Advocacy & Service

  • Best Buddies

    • The UD Best Buddies Chapter aims to foster friendships between UD students and our community members with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) through pizza parties, movie nights, and other on-campus and community based activities and serves to raise awareness and advocate for those living with IDD. Contact for more info! 
  • Crusaders for Kids

    • Crusaders for Kids aims to be involved with many projects and fundraisers that support kids in the DFW area. Email Claire Kirby ( to get involved! 
  • Crusaders for Life

    • CFL is made up of pro-life student leaders who believe that human life begins at conception and that each human is created by God with an unalienable right to life. As a club, our goals are to educate ourselves and our community, to serve as advocates for life through peaceful protect, political and social activism, and to support like-minded organizations. If you would like to join or learn more about us, please contact our president Hailey Guth ( or email the club directly ( 
  • Eco

  • First-Generation Student Association

  • Friends & Mentors

    • Friends and Mentors pairs UD students with children from a local alternative high school for one-on-one mentoring once a week. There's no need to teach academic materials, these kids just need someone to talk to and look up to. Contact Maria Pecha ( for more info! 
  • Groundhog Library

  • Jolt

    • Jolt is a 501(c3&4) non-profit that aims at increasing Latinx political power in the state of Texas. Our purpose is to encourage our UD community to become civically engaged and inform them of issues affecting our communities. Contact Magda Rogg ( to get involved! 
  • MindMatters

    • MindMatters is dedicated to raising awareness about mental health and to remove the mental health stigma. MindMatters also provides validation of personal experiences and offers peer support. Please contact to join. 
  • The Ozanam Project

  • Rotaract

    • Rotaract is a coalition of service-oriented, young professionals devoted to the betterment of our community and development of leadership skills through student-led service projects. In you are interested in joining, please email
  • Student Leaders for Racial Solidarity

    • SLRS is a student-led organization devoted to advocating for love of one another and conversion of the heart. Students are encouraged to join because it's a great way to meet other students on campus and celebrate each other. To join, please contact and follow us on Instagram @slrs_ud.
  • Xenia Society


  • Anscombe Society

    • Anscombe Society, named after the Catholic philosopher Elizabeth Anscombe, is a club dedicated to discussing the beauty and purpose of human sexuality, marriage, and the family. By fostering discussions on these subjects, the society seeks to prepare the hearts and minds of students to carry the truth surrounding these topics into their future lives. Contact Niko Walz ( for more info! 
  • Co-Workers of the Vineyard

    • Co-Workers in the Vineyard is a faith-based community and student-run club which seeks to strengthen peer relationships while building the Body of Christ. Contact JP O'Brien ( to join!
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes

    • You should join FCA because this is a student-led club that encourages athletes of the Christian faith to come together for fun games, snacks, and most importantly, fellowship! Everyone is welcome. Please contact to join or follow @ud_fca on Instagram. 
  • Holy Trinity Events

  • Orthodox Christian Fellowship

  • Society of St. Joseph


  • Asian Student Association

    • This club is not only a safe space for Asian students, but also an organization hoping to teach others of the many different cultures in Asia. Of course, you don't have to be Asian to be part of the club. Contact Don Phan ( to join! 
  • French Club

  • Italian Club

    • Come join other students of Italian for conversation hours, off-campus trips, and events all related to the culture, history, art, and language of Italy! Please contact for more info. 
  • Spanish Club

    • Spanish Club is a long-standing club dedicated to celebrating Latin American and Spanish culture, practicing the Spanish language, and discovering new food, culture, and art with one another. Please consider joining our club by emailing, all are welcome! 


  • Chess Club

  • Dungeons and Dragons

    • While our main focus is on Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop role-playing games, we also host other events within nerd culture such as movie nights and video game tournaments. Contact! 
  • Investment Club

    • The UD investment club is a learning opportunity for all UD undergraduate and graduate students interested in knowing more about the markets. Our focus is igniting a passion for investing by providing weekly meetings and workshops with simulated investing, engaging and useful content, and member-presented pitches designed to build confidence in interacting with industry professionals. Contact Josh Allen ( to join! 

Sports & Recreation

  • Blue Crew

    • The school spirit comes from the roars of blue crew chants. We attend all games cheering on our fellow classmates as they contend for glory. Contact Phil Volkert ( to join.
  • Fencing Club

    • UD's Fencing Club practices HEMA: Historical European Martial Arts, including Dagger, Sword and Buckler, Sabre, and Longsword. We will soon begin another section that practices Epee. Email the Fencing club email ( for more info. En garde! 
  • Irish Dance

  • K-Pop Dance

    • Whether you've loved K-Pop for years, or have never experienced it but want to learn more, this is a place on campus to be! Fun crew practices of choreographies every week, fully-fledged performances, and vibrant community at social hours are the bread and butter of this club. Join us for a fantastic time! Contact Tien Bui ( to join. 
  • Lyrical Dance

  • Martial Arts Club

    • The Martial Arts club has a goal of making more martial arts accessible to the general student body. We practice a variety of arts including, Taekwondo, boxing, Jiu Jitsu, and wrestling. Our goal is to work hard and learn a bit about the various philosophies of each art. Contact Joel Saroni ( and Dominic Dybala ( to join! 
  • UD Roundnet *formerly UD Spikeball*

    • UD Roundnet is a club centered around community through the game of Roundnet. We practice weekly to better our play and to be with each other. Contact Phil Volkert ( for more info.
  • Rowing Club

  • Rugby

  • Swing Club

    • Join UD Swing every Wednesday in the Rat from 8-10:30pm for great music, swing lessons, social dancing, and the opportunity to meet new people! Regardless of dancing experience, all are welcome. Contact Bela Lima ( if you have any questions. 
  • Swing Team

    • Swing Team is for those who wish to develop their swing dance skills further than Swing Club allows. By practicing aerials, footwork, and choreographed routines, those who participate in Swing Team are prepared to perform at events throughout the year. For more info, contact Niko Walz ( 
  • Tap Club

  • Tennis Club

  • Venture 

    •  Students should join Venture to appreciate the great outdoors, meet new people, and explore the wilderness! The contact info is
  • UD Ultimate

Interested in joining one of these clubs, but need their contact info?

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Don't see a club that you think should be a part of the UD community?

                     Email Sarah Baker at to get started! 




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